Jewish Walking Tours in Paris – 2018


Jewish walking tour in the Marais neighbourhood

3 Hours 

New tours 2018 – We will explore the Jewish neighborhood in the heart of Paris, the “Pletzl”, which has been the center of Jewish life in Paris since the 13th century. While walking, you will learn about the history of the Jewish communities in Paris, and you will have the chance to discover some hidden places that only a local can know about. We will discover the Jewish shops, bakeries, bookstores, synagogues. The tour includes the visit of the Holocaust memorial .
At the end of the tour you can stay in the Marais for  lunch, and maybe try a fresh falafel in the Rue des Rosiers.

Available 2018 & 2019 for booking – Jewish Walking Tours Paris – Flora Goldenberg – Certified tour Guide by the State

*For more Jewish food and more synagogues please consult our jewish paris map



Holocaust Memorial


The Memorial is located in the Marais and was inaugurated in 1956. The Memorial is the symbol of the transmission of the memory and lessons of the Shoah.

We will visit the Memorial, and I will explain tp you the history of the French Jewish communities from the middle ages until the 20th century, through pictures and testimonies. I will also explain you the beginning of the occupation of Paris, as well as the situation for the Jewish communities in Paris.

*Jewish walking tour possible to include at the end of the tour

Paris_Marais_Memorial_de_la_Shoah_cour Tours juifs paris

Holocaust Memorial


Museum of Jewish art and history


Located in a beautiful 17th century private mansion, we will visit the Museum of Jewish art and history, following the traces and the evolution of the French Jewish communities, from the middle ages to the 20th century.

*Jewish walking tour possible to include at the end of the tour

musee histoire juif Tours juifs paris

Museum of Jewish art and history


Nissim de Camondo Museum


The Camondos family is a family of rich Jewish bankers of the 19th century. They were art collectors and gathered a beautiful collection of 18th century artifacts in their luxury private mansion, which became the museum. The family disappeared after the occupation of Paris, they were deported to Auschwitz. Their story is an incredible testimony of a Jewish family highly involved in political and art domains in France.

*Possibility, if interested, to have a private rendez-vous with a famous Jewish antiques collectioner

Musée_Nissim_de_Camondo_-_Grand_Salon jewish Tours  paris

Nissim de Camondo Museum


Full Day Tour on demand

*Possibility to have a driver

This tour can include different sites, according to your wishes.


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