Jewish Quarter Tours of Paris : Le Marais Paris 2019

Jewish Walking Tour in the Marais Neighborhood Paris 

Duration : 3 Hours –  Languages : English  + Español – Spanish + German : Deutschעִברִית Hebrew + French Français 

We will explore the Jewish Quarter in the heart of Paris, the “Pletzl”, which has been the center of Jewish life in Paris since the 13th century.

While walking, you will learn about the history of the Jewish communities in Paris, and you will have the chance to discover some hidden places that only a local can know about.

We will discover the Jewish shops, bakeries, bookstores, synagogues. The tour includes the visit of the Holocaust memorial

At the end of the tour you can stay in the Marais for Food Treats, lunch, and maybe try a fresh falafel or Miznon in the Rue des Rosiers.

*For more Jewish restaurants and food , for also more synagogues:  I have prepared a Jewish Quarter Paris Map on this link

 Jewish Holidays for 2019

* Duration can be customized and you can ask for a trusted secure driver 

* Tours in Hebrew, German, Spanish are available since October 2018

* Private Groups or Individuals, Couples : you can join an Open Group tour

Holocaust Memorial Paris & Drancy

Duration : 2 Hours –  Languages : English   + German : Deutsch +  עִברִית Hebrew + French Français 

The Shoah Memorial of Paris is located in the Marais and was inaugurated in 1956. The Memorial is the symbol of the transmission of the memory and lessons of the Shoah.

I am an official guide in the memorials of Paris and Drancy. I guide the Shoah Tour weekly for Students, for Children, and Adults, visitors Group …

During the tour, we will visit the insides of the Memorial. I will explain to you the history of the French Jewish communities from the middle ages until the 20th century, through pictures and testimonies.

I will also explain you the beginning of the occupation of Paris, as well as the situation for the Jewish communities in Paris.

*I can include a Jewish walking tour in le Marais Paris, at the end of the tour ( 3h tour )

*Drancy Memorial is possible to be included with a free shuttle or a professional driver ( up to 5h tour) 

In both Memorials, note that the tours are regulated and allowed only with an official tour guide of the Holocaust Memorial. The entrance is free for everyone in both memorials. There is a free shuttle to Drancy, ask me by email for the departures.

Visit the Memorial with Flora Goldenberg, an official guide for the Memorial

Visit the Memorial with Flora Goldenberg, an official guide for the Memorial


Museum of Jewish art and history

Duration : 2 Hours –  Languages : English  – French Français

The Museum of Jewish art and history is Located in a beautiful 17th century private mansion. We will visit the Museum following the traces and the evolution of the French Jewish communities. We will talk about the Jewish Heritage from the middle ages to the 20th century.

*Jewish walking tour possible to include at the end of the tour

Flora Goldenberg Guide in the Jewish Arts and History Museum of Art

You don’t have to be jewish to visit the Jewish Arts and History Museum with Flora Goldenberg

Nissim de Camondo Museum

Duration : 2 Hours –  Languages : English  –  French Français

The Camondos family is a family of rich Jewish bankers of the 19th century. The Camondos were art collectors and gathered a beautiful collection of 18th century artifacts in their luxury private mansion, which became the museum. The family disappeared after the occupation of Paris, they were deported to Auschwitz. Their story is an incredible testimony of a Jewish family highly involved in political and art domains in France.

*Possibility, if interested, to have a private rendez-vous with a famous Jewish antiques collector and visit his luxurious apartment

Musée_Nissim_de_Camondo_-_Grand_Salon jewish Tours paris

Nissim de Camondo Museum

Your Jewish Travel Virtual Assistant

This service is Free ! With my experience and my knowledge of the jewish Quarter of Paris, I decided to offer you free services by email to help you accommodate your stay, find Kosher and Glatt kosher Restaurants, find you a secure professional transportation to go visit and pray in Famous or discrete synagogues. A lot of visitors are happy to ask me new questions about their stay, the next steps, orientations… and I am glad to answer directly, or ask around me, in my family and friends, in restaurants to give you the best fast answer, if I find the right one, or refer you to the right persons !

 Email : 

or Whatsapp +33616304735

only in English/French

Shabbat Shalom from Paris

Visitors of Paris during a Shabbat Day in Paris need some material to enjoy shabbat without any hussle. In my personal tradition, I enjoy pre-ordering Glatt Kosher meals from le Marais local restaurants, bakeries, kosher butcher. I made a list of my favorite meals, by experiencing the restaurants and tasting the food myself 🙂

My Jewish neighborhood le Marais is famous for the best kosher food in Paris. The choice is excellent, from Middle Eastern food to North african Ojja, French fusion and sushi “Casher”…

That’s why, if you need any help to make your preparations, to rent a Heating Plaque for Shabbat, with pre-ordering kosher dinner and delicious Kosher wine from France, candles, plastic dishes, kosher breakfast and lunch : It is my pleasure to help you with an assistant to deliver it to you  with anything you may need, so, just feel free to ask me by email !

 Email : 

or Whatsapp +33616304735

this service is only in English / French / Hebrew


Paris City Walking Tours And Museums Guided Tours

Duration : 4 Hours –  Languages : English  –  French Français

After 5 years of studies in Art and History in Sorbonne University, and 6 years of Experience as a Private Guide for The Louvre Museum, The Chateau of Versailles, the Famous Picasso Museum and Orsay Museum, I now design new tours for my city : a walk to introduce you to Paris most visited places : This tour can include different sites, Montmartre Sacré Coeur, The Louvre Guided Tour, Versailles Royal Day, Orsay Art themed tour, or any City Walking Tour according to your wishes.

* Duration can be customized and you can ask for a trusted secure driver 

Contact me for any questions using the form below 

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