Driver for Pick-up Airport Hotel and City tours in Paris

About Sam, Professional Driver in Paris

My name is Sam, I Speak English & French, I have more than 20 Years of Experience in transfer, pick-up, city tours services, I drive in Paris and French Regions 

Please book in advance with me and I will be happy to assist you during all your stay in France.

Enjoy the Ride !

My services

Pick-up & drop at airport and hotel

City Tours & monuments descriptions

Paris Getaways ( Normandie, Loire, … )

France Tours & Long drives

My cars & equipments

Mercedes Van ( 7 seats ) 

Mercedes Berlin ( 4 seats )

Always clean. Always Suited up. Comfortable & Safe

Wi-Fi : Free internet

Sound Bluetooth for your music

Water & Snacks

All phones USB charger

Sam Ph. Professional Driver in Paris, I worked with Flora Goldenberg for 6 years

Flora : ” Sam cleans his cars everyday. He worked with me for more than 6 years and he is always professional and suited up. His rides are comfortable and safe.”

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