About Flora Goldenberg

My name is Flora Goldenberg and I am a professional Tour Guide licensed by the State. I was born in Paris, and I grew up in the Marais neighborhood, in the heart of a Jewish quarter in Paris. I am very close to my Jewish origins, and I decided to reveal the Jewish history of my city, through places and stories that you would never find in a travel guide book.

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After studying history and art history at the Sorbonne University, I decided to become a guide in Paris. Why? The city of Paris is my passion and I couldn’t think of a better way to reveal everything Paris can offer. I must confess that my mother, who is a guide in Paris since 25 years, gave me the pleasure of sharing and exchanging.

My origins are very important to me, and this is why I wanted to specialize in Paris Jewish Heritage tours.

I will also be happy to give you any good advice that you would need during your stay in Paris, to help you find a kosher hotel or restaurant, as well as any other orientation questions that you have!

Resume :

  • Licence to guide as “Guide Conférencière” by the state
  • 6 Years : Master of Art in  Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III
  • 1 Year : Special Training for Tour Guide Licence
  • 3 Years experience as a private tour guide in Paris with several agencies
  • 2 Years with the Holocaust Memorial


Quality Review :

  • Booking dates and a primary check to avoid surprise :
    • avoid the jewish holidays for the walking tour ( during the jewish holidays , most of the stores are closed ) ;
    • check if the museums are open
  • Licence to guide as Guide conférencière :
    • The tours are highly regulated by the state ;
    • Guides must have a licence to guide in the museums and in the Chateau de Versailles


flora goldenberg private tour guide paris

flora goldenberg private tour guide paris


flora goldenberg private tour guide paris

flora goldenberg private tour guide paris



The Goldenberg Family : 

My grand father, Jo Goldenberg, was the owner of the famous  Jo Goldenberg restaurant. In the restaurant, Jewish delicatessen and food attracted many visitors. 

The restaurant became a symbol of resistance and revival, a meeting place for Holocaust survivors and former resistance fighters and was symbolic of a neighborhood where thousands of eastern European Jews arrived from the late 19th century, and which was the focus of Nazi round-ups during the occupation of Paris in the second world war. More than half of the local Jewish community would die in concentration camps. Read more 

In 1982 it was targeted in a grenade and gun attack in which six people were killed and 22 injured. Read more

It’s been a few years since Jo Goldenberg packed up the business but his namesake lives on as an emblem of Jewish pride here in the “Pletzl”, yiddish for Little Place. Read more 


flora goldenberg private tour guide paris

flora goldenberg private tour guide paris



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